Travel range: ± 200 mm / ± 20 ° 

 Resolution : 50nm 

 Repeatability: ± 0.5 µm 

 Payload: 400 kg 



 ► Instrumentation

 ► Optics

 ► Aeronautics and spatial

 ► Test laboratories

 ► Metrology 

 ► Synchrotrons beamlines : sample, KB mirrors positioning


ZONDA hexapod is a new high-performance 6DOF system meeting applications requiring both high precision, stability, accuracy, heavy load and large travels.

Designed to position up to 400 kg payload with a resolution of 50 nm only, ZONDA hexapod offers great travel with 400 mm in XY, 300 mm in Z, and 40 ° in the three rotations Rx, Ry and Rz.

ZONDA hexapod has unmatched accuracy and thermal stability characteristics thanks to the integrating Invar components with a very low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion), linear absolute encoders integrated as a standard in the actuators and the design of particularly rigid joints.

ZONDA hexapod can be used in any orientation: vertical, horizontal, upside down…

Clean Room, HV(High Vaccun) and UHV(Ultra High Vaccum) versions are available.