Today's Trends,  Tomorrow's Cobots

1. The Changing Nature of Manufacturing & Work

    •  Shift from high volume/low mix to low volume/high mix is having a 

       profound impact on manufacturing.

    •  Many industries facing acute shortages of skilled labor.

    •  Quicker automation ROIs and rising wages bringing an end to labor 


    • Increasing focus on workplace safety.  

Today’s Digital Generation doesn’t do “4D” Jobs!

2. Addressing these Realities : a Huge Opportunity

The Answers to these challenges lie in Simplification, Digitalisation and Collaboration

2.1. Simplification

• Robots which are easier to install, program and operate will unlock entry barriers 

   to the large, untapped market of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

• Trend towards having production closer to the end consumer driving the 

   importance of standardisation & consistency across global brands.

►► ►  Simplification critical to SMEs, but also important for large Global Manufacturers 

2.2. Digitalisation

• Industry 4.0, linking the real-life factory with a virtual one, will play an 

  increasingly important role in global manufacturing.

• Vision and sensing devices, coupled with analytics platforms, will pave the way 

  for new industry business models.

• Machine Learning will drive many robotics developments over the coming years.

►► ►  Big Data allowing People to make better Decisions about Factory Operations

2.3 Collaboration

• Collaborative robots are shifting the traditional limits of “what can be 


• Collaborative robots increase manufacturing flexibility as ‘low volume high mix’ 

   becomes the new normal

• Collaborative robots increase manufacturing flexibility as ‘low volume high mix’ 

   becomes the new normal 

►►►Collaboration means different Things to Different People, but is changing the Face of Manufacturing

3. Collaborative Robotics : the Connected Future

Self-optimising Production

Robots doing the same task connect across all global locations so performance can be compared and improved at the click of a button.

Self-programming Robots

Robots automatically download what they need to get started from a cloud library and then start to optimisethrough “self-learning”.

Connected & Collaborative Robots enable SMART Manufacturing for both SMEs & Global Enterprises

Collaboration is changing the Face of Manufacturing

Robotics : the Connected Future

Connected & Collaborative Robots(Cobots) enable SMART Manufacturing 

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