Travel range: ± 75 mm / ± 22 ° 

 Resolution: 0.5 µm / 2.5 µrad 

 Repeatability: ± 1.0 µm / ± 5.0 µrad 

 Payload: 25 kg or 200 kg 



 ► Optics positioning without operator intervention

 ► Adjustment for assembly 

 ► Sample micropositioning on diffractometer 

 ► Microwave antennas testing 

 ► Semiconductors 

 ► Metrology 

 ► Synchrotrons beamlines : sample, KB mirrors positioning


BREVA hexapod has been specially designed to provide high angular accuracy. It allows angular positioning of objects like samples, probes or sensors with a resolution of 0.5 µm or 2.5 µrad.

It comes in 3 different versions depending on its motorization: DC, stepper or brushless motors.

BREVA hexapod can be used in any orientation: vertical, horizontal, upside down…

Clean Room, HV(High Vaccun) and UHV(Ultra High Vaccum) versions are available.